Faith / Pureyes

(Yuna Ito)
Faith / Pureyes
March 1, 2006
Oricon Peak: #6
Total Sales: 56,359+
Oricon Year-End Chart: #160 
Label: Sony Music Japan


Lyrics: Kenn Kato / Composer: BOUNCEBACK / Arranger Ryosuke Imai

A quick strum and some very sweeping synth and violins and a cliché chime run, very much like in Namie Amuro’s ALL FOR YOU, and Yuna Ito’s vocals enter. The song sounds too high for Yuna. The vocals sound extremely strained. Her falsetto is very airy and nasal and lacks the power this song should have had at its opening. Other than that, the rest of the song is a ballad, plain and simple. The backing consists of a piano, snapping, a guitar, violins, and some synth. The lyrics of ‘Faith’ concern a girl who is separated from her love, but she continues to hope and have faith that someday they will be reunited.

Lyrics: Kenn Kato / Composer: Hiroo Yamaguchi / Arranger: Sadahiro Nakano

From the extreme balladry of ‘Faith’ they give us this endearing song. ‘Pureyes’ is a JPop song through and through. I personally think that Yuna sounds her best in this element. A soaring melody and another snapping beat, this song acts like ‘Faith’ got thrown into a bag of confectioner’s sugar. It’s just a lot of fun. Synth runs amok along with a guitar, and a live drum set, and some sort of horn.


This was Yuna Ito’s second single after her hugely popular debut single Endless Story. It didn’t sell near about as many copies, but it still is a very well-rounded single and well worth a few listens, especially ‘Pureyes’.



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