(Namie Amuro)
July 12, 2000
Oricon Peak: #2
Total Sales: 640,310
Year-End Chart: #32
RIAJ: Platinum


Tetsuya Komuro

Featuring traditional Japanese elements such as a hayashi section (consiting of a flute, and multiple drums), ‘NEVER END’ is a beautiful, touching ballad that exudes its own culturally significant atmosphere while retaining at its center a pop focus. A sanshin (a twangy, guitar-like instrument)  is heard strongly at the instrumental bridge. Synth and piano are all used throughout. Vocally, I felt this song to be a tad too high for Amuro-chan. She sounds good, but overall her vocals sound strained. Towards the end, a gospel choir begins to back her up. The song is very powerful and excellent overall.


‘NEVER END’ was commissioned by former Japanese Prime Minister, Keizo Obuchi, for the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit in 2000. Namie actually performed the song at this event in front of former President Bill Clinton. As such an important song for Japan at the turn of the century, I feel that Komuro did an excellent job composing the piece and Namie did just as well in performing it.



~ by vinyabarion on January 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “NEVER END”

  1. I’ve never heard “Never End” before.

    Actually, aside from her “Sweet 19 Blues” album, I haven’t heard any of Namie’s albums before STYLE.
    It’s a big chunk I’m missing and this review makes me wanna hear some.

  2. The best place to find her music is Kridinky’s… just type it into the search bar and a Geocities link should come up… I’ve stopped having music for download… seems like too big of a risk… and besides, I’d like to be taken seriously :D… and NEVER END is a beautiful song…


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