Put ‘Em Up

(Namie Amuro)
Put ‘Em Up
July 16, 2003
Oricon Peak: #7
Total Sales: 41,149
Did Not Chart on Year-End


Put ‘Em Up
Lyrics: Jasper Cameron, michico / Composition: Dallas Austin

An electric, hip-hop inspired dance number with plenty of synth-y, sampled violin loop, and other chaotic noises. Reverb was used on the bass for good effect as the bottom feels more pliable than the harsh electronic beats of the instrumentation. This “Girl Fight”-esque track uses the old shtick and put Namie up against another girl for a guy. It works well and makes one good dance track. During the dance break, actual electricity sounds are used and make a great back-drop for the awesome choreography to this song. It’s great dance track with an aggressive desire to move.

Exist For You
Lyrics: michico / Composition: Debra Killings

Bland now has a name. While it’s pretty (guitar, chimes, synth, big booming bass, and violins), it also is very corny and very cut-and-paste balladry. Not much to talk about. It acts like it wants to be a R&B ballad but missed the point all together and reverted to JPop.


With a great A-side and a less-than-mediocre B-side, I can see why Put ‘Em Up is Namie’s lowest selling single. If you have that B-side, you can’t just have a ‘great’ title track. But, the B-side is never as important as the A-side, so…



~ by vinyabarion on January 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Put ‘Em Up”

  1. A very well-worded review.

    I have yet to hear Exist for You, but Put ‘Em Up was just plain awesome.

  2. […] as the first A-side. But, Namie wanted to get away from her pop roots. Still better single than Put ‘Em Up. And, on top of that, reversed her streak of declining […]

  3. […] single and it’s B-side, ‘Exist for You’ may be found here. About the only thing different about this from the single version is that it comes to an abrupt […]

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