Wishing on the Same Star

(Namie Amuro)
Wishing on the Same Star
September 11, 2002
Oricon Peak: #2
Total Sales: 97,253
Did Not Chart on Year-End
RIAJ: Gold


Wishing on the Same Star
Lyrics: kenko-p / Music: Diane Warren / Arrangement: Masaki Iehara

A pleasant piano interlude opens up this pop ballad, violins feature prominantly, as do some high-end synth, and a French horn. In a nutshell, this is a perfect example of a signature Namie Amuro ballad. The vocal melody is sweeping and emotional. Namie’s voice lends well to this song, hitting high in full voice and really ‘taking it away’ at the bridge. This is a very good example of her ad. lib.-ing abilities (and that’s not saying much since her cred’ in that field is almost nil, listen to the original version of ‘think of me’).The lyrics are so sweet and longing. They are talking about even if she and that special someone are far away, they will always be connected; probably “wishing on the same star, looking at the same moon…

Did U
Lyrics: Namie Amuro / Music: A. Mazza, Sundafu K., A. Ramen / Arrangement: Cobra Endo

90’s-esque R&B leanings: plenty of synth, lots of bass, and a certain something, when you hear it, you’ll know ;)… The melody is very American and Namie sings it well, it’s not amazing, but it’s a good dance track on occasion. It’s a bit slow for it, though. It’s more like an up-tempo R&B jam. It definitely a B-side… lol…


This is the last single Namie ever released as a pop artist. After this, she moved to New York for “artist development”. This of course means that she switched genres. I don’t think Namie ever steered to far away from pop, but the Japanese definition of R&B and the American one are very different. Especially these days when we’ve mostly moved on from pop and have ventured into the territory of “Pop&B”.



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