(Koda Kumi)
June 27, 2007
Oricon Peak: #1
Total Sales: 195,322
Year-End Chart: #29
RIAJ: Gold


Lyrics: Koda Kumi / Composition: Tommy Henrikson

A disorienting, slowly going flat, synth reel drifts in and out of focus until, with a jolt, we hear a huge boom of bass and we’re off into distorted, almost beyond recognition, electric guitar. The song is 人魚姫 (Ningyo-hime) inspired, but with a more reggaeton feel. Hip-hip is probably at it’s heart, but rock is there also. It’s an amalgram of musical genres that makes this song unique and amazingly good. The vocals are full of attitude (even more so than usual), and it makes for a rocking dance song. The fizziling, zapping, booming synth is as evoking as possible and the twisting, romping rhythm will sure make you want to ‘GET FREAKY!” This was a great song!

Lyrics: Koda Kumi / Composition: Kosuke Morimoto

After such a hard-core track we abruptly hit bubblegum pop like a wall of solid sugar. Naturally, after eating our way through it, we find it tastes the same as every other up-tempo pop song that Koda has ever released since she debuted. It’s a cut-and-past Kosuke Morimoto who also wrote it’s sisters, Birthday Eve and WIND (see BEST ~second session~ / ~12 singles~ Collection). It’s a snore.

Run For Your Life
Lyrics: Koda Kumi / Composition: Phillipe-Marc Anquetil, Hiten Bharadia, Christopher Lee-Joe

Okay, this song redeems the single with total originality. I’ve never heard something like this from Kuu and I was pleasantly surprised by it pop genius. Something really cool, you can go to and here the original English demo of this song (it’s on page 14). I wish someone would record it! The lyrics are so cool, and somehow I doubt the Japanese lyrics come even close to the ferocity of these, the song just isn’t sang like that one at all. About the music, its a drum-driven number with clapping, some pretty synth patches and a chorus that’s to die for, I mean, it really is top-notch pop.

Lyrics: Koda Kumi / Composition: Jin Nakamura

It starts off like it’s going to be an R&B song and then it’s like, “j/k” and turns into a synth-y, dance pop song. It’s fun, but a bit boring. Nothing special… okay, the chorus is fun. I like it when she says “love chance!“…


FREAKY was an excellent single by Koda is only she hadn’t included that rip of a track, ‘空’. Other than that, three strong(er) tracks carry the grade. This was also her fourth #1 single. As a summer release, it was perfect. Plus, the photoshoot was hot and I’m not just talking about the weather…




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