(Koda Kumi)
January 23, 2008


Lyrics: Koda Kumi / Music & Arrangement: Anthony Anderson, Steve Smith

Some quiet guitar picking, a few well-placed single chimes, and a cascade of real chimes began this song at its prechorus. This song is so cute! The chorus is accompanied by a string section and a nice beat along with some fading synth coming in and out quietly. While being very catchy (I’ve had it stuck in my head since I watched the PV on YouTube a week ago), it also doesn’t border on annoying, it’s just a sweet, up-tempo pure-pop number. A refreshing feeling, since it also, and to my utter amazement, doesn’t sound like anything she’s released recently…

Lyrics: Koda Kumi / Music & Arrangement: Chin Injeti

If you wondering if Koda could sex this single up at all, she can. ‘Bounce’ is a synth-laden, dance-pop track, but it lacks the charm of some of her newer dance songs. It sounds similar to early 00’s American music. It has an undeniable R&B feel and a good dance break at the end of the bridge which is really slowed down and really brings out the soul in the number. The lyrics are basically asking whoever she’s dancing with to ‘bounce’… duh! lol ;) It’s good, but I’ve most definitely heard better from her.

anytime (FREE TEMPO remix)
Remix: Takeshi Hanzawa

A cool piano working it’s way down the scale open this remix. It’s an interesting bit and adds more drama to this not-dramatic-at-all song. A low viola adds some bass to it and the vocals are sped up by a few bpms. Then the booming bass, a violin section, some synth and we tumble head into a House remix. It incorporates the piano and all the intruments while adding some cymbals and the beat. It’s nice. That’s about it though. So, it’s basically seven minutes of that opening beat. It dragged the score down a bit…


It’s a good single, now on to something even more interesting then the music… If I’m mistaken tell me but, is that a wedding ring I see on her left hand? Am I really late on info or something? **girly scream**… :D… lol… j/k… but that’s really exciting.




~ by vinyabarion on January 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “anytime”

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  2. […] almost bored, dead, as if trying to be more demure, something that doesn’t work for very often (Anytime is one example in which it works). Also, it runs emotionless through the chorus and even the […]

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