Be My Last


(Utada Hikaru)
Be My Last
September 28, 2005
Oricon Peak: #1
Total Sales: 150,928
Year-End Chart: #70
United World Chart Peak: #6
RIAJ: Gold


Be My Last
Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement: Utada Hikaru

With a breath, a suspended guitar chord and Hikki come in simultaneously. A soaring melody line and simple-yet-effective accompaniment, ‘Be My Last’ is an emotionally charged ballad. Whether or not it is simply the cover design affecting me or what, but the song does sound rather European in style. The chorus is expressive and vocally challenging all at once. When I first heard this song I thought that it was beautiful if a little rough at the edges, but now I see that that was it’s purpose. Life isn’t squarecut and neither would a song be about a subject as unobjective as wishing that you’ve found the one person to spend your life with and wishing that he or she would ‘be my last’.


FYI, the cover art was taken in Prague, Czech Republic. Also, this single was #2 overall for downloaded songs of 2005; which, considering it only had three months to do so, it’s rather impressive.



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