(Namie Amuro)
November 16, 2005
Oricon Peak: #7
Total Sales: 73,000+
Did Not Chart on Year-End
No Certification by RIAJ


Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement: Nao’myt

To start with, her English is barely intelligible. After that, it’s a pleasant, if slightly boring, Christmas ballad. The melody is sweet and uplifting. Now, the instrumentation is another story. It has all the prerequisite Christmas sounds: sleigh bells, a bouncy beat, chimes, and high-pitched synth dings; but its dissonant! It doesn’t sound nice all by itself, so I wouldn’t recommend listening to the instrumentation all by itself, it’s rather annoying.

Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement: Nao’myt
Special: Key of C minor

Excuse me for this but, this song is the shit! I love this song with as much love as a person can have for a song. It’s a shared favorite for me and my best friend and it just has so many good memories associated with it. On a less personal note, an opening guitar solo by Tomoyasu Takeuchi, some cloudy bass, and the instrumental melody played with high-pitched sampled-violin leads us into the main first verse. I like that they use violins heavily in this song. As the bridge draws close, the music takes on a more classical edge and another guitar solo and then back into that unstoppable, unbeatable beat. At the end, the guitar is distorted into a tinkling, synth-filled track. Vocally, the song is in a new style for Namie, slinky sexy. I like it to say the least. The lyrics are cool, examining card games in retrospect to an invitation to dance, trying out some ‘hot spice‘ and one of the most confusingly ambiguous chorus ever written. What exactly does she mean by “Dip it my violet sauce…“? The world may never know… Actually, I’m pretty sure I know what she means… if you know what I mean… :P

VIOLET SAUCE (Anotha Recipe)
Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement: Nao’myt

This is the remixes of all remixes! This remix starts with the director of Sin City, (the tie-in for this song) Robert Rodriguez, saying, “Welcome to Sin City…” It’s a perfect introduction for this vapory rendition of ‘VIOLET SAUCE’. It’s as if the mysterious ‘violet sauce’ has been boiled, Amuro-chan’s whispering of the verses are the steam from one giant vat of sensuality. The backing it more hip-hop then before. Minor musings down the scale, ticking, warping synth, and one great bass line, make this a wonderful remix to an amazing song.


How terribly this single did is not bearing on it’s quality. As much as ‘WHITE LIGHT’ was a little lackluster, ‘VIOLET SAUCE’ more than made up for it. I was suprised it didn’t do well since Queen of Hip-Pop had done so well previously. But in the end, Baby Don’t Cry evened it out. And on a side note, if I ever record anything professionally, I’m shipping Nao’myt over here to produce it.



~ by vinyabarion on January 19, 2008.


  1. I like the Spicy version of Violet Saucy, found on PLAY, much better I think.

  2. I think Violet Sauce is best when performed live. It’s amazing! ^_^

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