Sweet Impact


Sweet Impact
April 25, 2007
Oricon Peak: #5
Total Sales: 42,789
Did Not Chart on Year-End
Did Not Receive RIAJ Certification


Sweet Impact
Lyrics: Ryoji Sonoda / Music & Arrangement: Kazuhiro Hara

As with so much of JPop, synth is featured heavily in this track. In fact, I believe that there isn’t a ‘real’ instrument in the entire arrangement. It’s very futuristic sounding with beeping, swooshing, booming, and generally chaotic synth. BoA vocals are okay. She sounds a bit like she was under the weather while she recorded it. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t sound bad, it’s just not as good of a vocal performace like, let’s say, ‘LOVE LETTER’. It’s a fun dance track that doesn’t really make you want to get up and dance, strangely enough. The dance break, we’ll call it the bridge for our purposes, is cool with halting, stopping, and wooshing synth; like it fell down and had a hard time getting up (kind of like this A-side).

Bad Drive
Lyrics: JAM / Music & Arrangement: Masaaki Asada

You know this single is in trouble when, not only is the A-side lackluster, but the B-side is way better… ‘Bad Drive’ is a electronic heaven of booming, crashing, and zipping synth waves. With an undeniably catchy melody and a danceable beat, ‘Bad Drive’ makes ‘Sweet Impact’ look like an album-only track. By the way, you should take a listen to the instrumental of Bad Drive because it’s so awesome. It’s like the whisper-version of the track.

SO REAL (ArmySlick’s Scratch Build Vocal)

It’s good. It’s not amazing or anything, just good. The vocalization are cool and the beat is fun, but I actually like the original song much better. Nothing real special here, folks.


Okay, I love BoA, but this was just sub-par. Luckily, LOVE LETTER was a great single, I may have lost hope.




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