(Namie Amuro)
July 22, 2004
Oricon Peak: #6
Total Sales: 112,558
Year-End Chart: #86


Lyrics: Natsumi Watanabe / Music & Arrangement: Ryoki Matsumoto

This sparkling ballad is a perfect example of just how cliché a song can become, but also, just how a song can be that cliché and still be beautiful, sweeping, elegant, and touching. A Gloria Gaynor-esque (à la ‘I Will Survive’) opening brings us floating into a sea of gently bouncing bass, claps, a chord-pounding yet calm piano accompaniment, and Namie’s characteristically flawed vocals, which only serve the emotion of the song. The gathering crescendo of the melody and the choir carries us into a soaring chorus. After another verse and chorus, we come to the grand bridge which carries Amuro-chan’s voice to an impeccable high D. Trilling violins bring us to the conclusion of a brilliant track. I can’t say much for how the Japanese viewed these lyrics, but from the English translation by Meg_chan I found them to be cheesy, yes, but all the same sweet.

Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement: Akira

Ready for some old-school Nintendo? This song not only channel’s Donkey Kong, but samples it! Midi-like, high pitched synth; mid-tone bass; a tropical feel, and you have yourself this up-beat pop tune. Unlike ‘ALL FOR YOU’, ‘butterfly’ exudes happiness from every note and bump. It’s a refreshing track after all the balladry. I thoroughly enjoy this track and makes me smile everytime I hear it.


This is the first in a succession of 100,000+ selling singles leading up to the release of Queen of Hip-Pop. Do any of you remember way back when I reviewed ALARM and said that I was going to do this and then promtly was like, “j/k,” and went about doing other random things? Well, this time, I intend to do it!




~ by vinyabarion on January 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “ALL FOR YOU”

  1. […] very sweeping synth and violins and a cliché chime run, very much like in Namie Amuro’s ALL FOR YOU, and Yuna Ito’s vocals enter. The song sounds too high for Yuna. The vocals sound extremely […]

  2. lol what do you mean by flawed?

    • I mean that Amuro’s vocals are not perfect, dispite the valiant effort of a autotuner. She isn’t the best vocalist but as an artist, amazing.

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