LOSE YOUR MIND ft. Yukata Furuwara from DOPING PANDA
December 12, 2007
Oricon Peak: #6
Total Sales: 22,961



I am so thrilled about this a release. Not since 抱きしめる (Dakishimeru) has BoA put out a real dance single. And this one, while at first listen is lackluster, become infectious soon thereafter. I have found great enjoyment in this title, dancing around my living room… :D… and genuinely losing my mind, if you’ll pardon the pun. A sparse musical arrangement, comprising of a sampled guitar riff (I can only guess came from Furuwara-san) accompanies a rather rough ad. lib. at the beginning. It’s not great, but it certaintly isn’t amazing. The background continues with sampled horns blaring and squeaking; a break-neck tapping beat; cymbals; and quick, booming bass; crescendo-ing into a major scale of some sort which comes to a sudden halt and then begins to thread itself back into another, abbreviated, verse which cresendo-es, and back into the chorus. The beat switches itself up which leads into a kick-ass dance break and then we hear a high-pitched synth introducing a hot, hot solo from Furuwara which runs whichout a second thought into two consecutive choruses. Plenty of ad. lib. from BoA later we find ourselves clicking the repeat button… in laymens’ terms, “w00t!”

Smile again

My first thought was ‘sweet ballad’. I was right, lol. But I must say that this has to be one of my favorite ballads from BoA. Her soaring, full vocals and beautiful transitions from chest to head voice accent the stricking beauty and simplicity of the piano-, synth-, violin-driven instrumentation. I love how clear her upper register is, it is so lovely. I especially like the chorus, as I should, because the lyrics are so touching and there is so much emotion. I think that this track could have easily been a double A-side. I really like the sforzando (for none musical theory students, what’s a sudden loud burst which is immediatly pulled back into a soft sound) at the very end.


While this single sold less than half of her other singles in 2007, BoA really released a great pop single. Sometimes I wonder what Japan thinks when they buy 20 million copies of Mr. Children and leave amazing artists like BoA out with a fraction of that… to each his or her own… **pats BoA on back**


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