Shuffle: November 23, 2007



Passion ~single version~
Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル)
Single: Passion (2005)
Album: ULTRA BLUE (2006)

What can I possibly say to explain how utterly amazing this song is? Utada Hikaru surely outdid herself with this Experimental Pop / New Age genre and this song is the very best of the best. Heavy, rolling drums acclerate the song as the airy vocals transcend the evanescence that is the synthesizer. A beautiful electric guitar riff later we are head over heels into a billowing array of sounds. Utada’s voice fills in every niche that the background doesn’t and adds one of the most enveloping melodies of her discography. This song is pure heaven. The passion is so very evident at the bridge were the music temporarily heads above the cloudline, drawing from a rockier melody and then quickly slips back into the clouds.

These boots are made for walkin’
Yuna Ito (伊藤由奈)
Single: stuck on you (2006)

The arrangement is very similar to Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 hit; heavy funky elements and an underlying pop feel. A bit of voice distortion is used to add something new to the song. Yuna Ito’s vocals are very well done and her attitude is perfect. She’s being cute and copping an attitude. She does a great job and I think this is a very good cover.

Album: ALL MY WORDS (2006)

Many people have never heard of Liu Yifei, she very famous is China and in 2006 she ventured across the Sea of Japan. She has a very girlish voice, high and airy. But she pulls off her music very well and even adds quite a bit of passion which was surprising. HAPPINESS is a lounge pop song with some elevator music quality. Heavy synth backgrounds, chimes, violins, and a peppy beat section. The melody is soaring at the chorus and definitely takes center stage. It is comparable to Mika Kamita’s music. It very calming and beautiful.

運命 (Unmei) (Fate)
Koda Kumi (倖田 來未)
Single: Cherry Girl / 運命
Album: Black Cherry (2006)

Another Koda Kumi ballad…
Well, Unmei is a very beautiful ballad. With a soft piano in the background and a gorgeous guitar part. The melody is very lovely. Again, Kuu really delivers a very emotional performance and really plays the desperate part very well. Her vocals become very gritty and strained at the choruses, bridge and the end of the song. She hits a high note very well at the end of the bridge.
Ain’t Yours
Suite Chic
Album: When Pop Hits the Fan (2003)Now, I love Namie. She is my favorite of all time and I love everything she’s ever done, but this song…  let’s just say that I actually haven’t been able to get all the way through it until last night. Her vocals are barely in key and the faux-funk is horrid. Her voice does not suit heavy R&B… her runs are a mess… Luckily, she has improved ten-fold since this album. But in all honesty, this album was really good except for this song… so… but… she did FUNKY TOWN very well… her runs were hott :D!!!
Something ’bout the Kiss -New Vocal-
Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)
Album: LOVE ENHANCED ♥ single collection (2002)

**Sigh** Alright… this song is absolutely terrible. Her voice sounds like she is trying to sing after running a mile and an half and when I say that her runs at the beginning were disgusting, I mean… she wasn’t even in the same key as the song. She sounds flat almost the entire length of the track, and the worst part is that this is the “New Vocal” for her BEST OF… The only thing that is awesome about this tune is the use of percussive consonants in the chorus which sound really cool. “Something ’bout the kiss ki zuite kizu tsuite”Devil Inside (The Scum Frog Dub)
Single: Devil Inside (2004)

This is one of the versions of Devil Inside which shot the single to the top of the U.S. Club Airplay Charts. I can only guess, from what I’ve found about the definitions of the varying types of Electronica that this is Trance. Heavy, pounding beat (naturally); a sort of circular tapping on hightone drums; heavy synthetic distortion (naturally); very little vocals, but they are used very well. The melody of muffled synth is repeated over and over again and so are the various punching harmonic and melody lines. Layering is a very large part of this arrangement and a gradual breakdown is used until the end of the song were the prevailing original beat is left alone and then cuts out. (Negai) (Wish)
mihimaru GT
Single: 願 (2004)
Album: mihimarhythm (2004)

The chorus is soaring and has a wonderful melody. I like the fast-paced rapping/singing at the verses. Heavy synth melody line in the instrumental adds a very nice element to a pretty little song. On the bad side, her vocals are a bit nasal and strained at time and it really gets repetitive after awhile.Be Your Girl
Kawabe Chieko (河辺千恵子)
Single: Be Your Girl / 星に願いを (2004)
Album: Brilliance (2005)
Be Your Girl is a cover of Hilary Duff’s 2003 single Why Not from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I really liked this song when it came out… sorry… At any rate, this is a very good cover. You have Kawabe’s signature vocals with the same pop / rock sound. It has completely different lyrics and the chorus is completely different from Why Not…


~ by vinyabarion on November 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Shuffle: November 23, 2007”

  1. As far as I know, Chieco’s only covered one Hilary Duff song, I Can’t Wait. Be Your Girl and Why Not never really sounded similar to me, even just talking about the music (though I wouldn’t call just taking the music a cover), but I may give them both another listen now.

  2. Actually… I might be wrong…


    Actually, I’m wrong. Basically, the first part of Be Your Girl sounds so much like the beginning of So Yesterday (not Why Not) that I thought it was a cover. Although you are completely right, she didn’t cover Why Not. But Be Your Girl has some very noticable parallels to So Yesterday. When you listen to it, I hope you’ll hear them. I don’t know why I thought that… my bad, everyone…

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