Last Angel ft. 東方神起

Last Angel ft. 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)
倖田 來未 (Koda Kumi)
November 7, 2007
Oricon Peak: #3
Total Sales So Far: 71,980
Lyrics: Koda Kumi, H.U.B.
Arrangement and Music: NEGIN, LIRA, Gustafsson, Tomokazu “T.O.M.” Matsuzawa

Last Angel ft.  東方神起

Last Angel opens with a breathy Kuu welcoming us to a nightmare. Luckily this song wasn’t that bad or it would have been a great pun (:P). Strong, interesting beats, feirce violins and vocals; this song really delivered. Drawback? Does anyone else hear the strong Backstreet Boys influence in this song? It sounds like so much of the music that was released during the first half of the 00’s… I like it though, as I liked it then, and so I give it a good review. Another upsetting thing, was that one of the members of Tohoshinki yells. He’s belting and it sounds very bad. All the other members did a really good job, though.

Dear Family

A slow, sweet song apparently about the Kouda family. It has a Baby Don’t Cry sort of backtracking with high pitched plinks but it doesn’t sound anything like it except for that. Koda doesn’t sound strained and really gives a beautiful vocal performance. I think that the background vocals are perfect and the harmony is so pretty. There’s a key change at 3:33… if you want to know :D


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  1. […] a complete review of ‘Last Angel’ and it’s B-side, ‘Dear Family’, see Last Angel ft. Tohoshinku I thought it was an interesting selection for the first real track on an album. Sort of lackluster […]

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