Shuffle: November 12, 2007


Be Still
Kelly Clarkson
Album: My December (2007)

A very sweet ballad from a very heartfelt album. Although I didn’t like every song on My December, I did enjoy how much of her soul she poured into every song. The melody line is exquisite and the lyrics speak of her love for someone that goes beyond speech and mundane things. Lightly distorted acoustic guitars carry the intsrumental section along with a quite drum tempo and understated violins.

Bad Drive
Single: Sweet Impact (2007)

Although the A-side to Sweet Impact was nothing special, the B-side is amazing. Heavy synth driven beat and sweet harmony collect to bring together a great dance/pop song. It has a 80’s feel to it, also.

under the sun
Do As Infinity
Single: under the sun / under the moon (2002)
Album: True Song (2002)

A great up-tempo pop/rock track. The chorus is really cool and has some well-placed funk elements in the guitar section. ‘under the sun’ also has a really cool guitar solo between the second and third choruses. Tomiko Van hits a really nice Alto C in the chorus, too.

My Happy Ending
Avril Lavigne
Single: My Happy Ending (2004)
Album: Under My Skin (2004)

God, I loved this song when it came out. Heavy drums and guitar and Avril’s gritty vocals really make this a great break-up song. “So much for my happy endin’…

Album: 参 ((2007)

One of my favorite HaMC songs. It has a heavy pop/rock sound and blessed little of their screaming. Maakii’s voice sounds amazing and the melody really fits with the backing. The drums are really cool and I like the talking it makes a really awesome addition to the song.

Album: Love

This techno song has chimes, guitars, and high pitched synth. But, it can’t escape the anime-techno beat. Again, the melody is catchy and sifow’s voice very nice, but it just sounds like everything else she’s ever done. At the beginning of one of the last choruses there is a really cool guitar solo (is that helps any.)

Kremlin Dusk
Album: Exodus (2004)

When I first bought Exodus (in 2006. Give me a break, I didn’t even know her name until ’04), I thought, this album… was… uh… terrible. But after I listened to it I really fell in love with it and it is now one of my favorite albums, but Kremlin Dusk always eluded me. Well, firstly, I don’t really like Edgar Allen Poe. He’s too dark and depressing for my tastes. On the other hand, I thought the melody was pretty until she started hop-scotching up a scale, cracking all the way. And then, after I came back to it to give it a second listen, I liked the chorus’s lyrics. And the beat was cool. And I even started to like the industrial rock at end. But it still is one of the least enjoyed songs on that album. It is a really cool experiment, though and I give her props for having the guts to release something like it. That entire album was so groundbreaking and it always bothers me that she didn’t receive the credit she deserved from America or Europe. Hey, Island Def Jam, you suck at promotion.

Single: I remember you (2006)

I think this song is very pretty. The melody is awesome and invigorating and YUI, for once, doesn’t lean on annoying the whole time. The guitar work is impressive and beat is awesome. I am confused about why it wasn’t included on an album though…

If (Japanese Version)
Single: もっとふたりで (Motto Futari de) (Spending More Time Together)
Album: GO! YOUNHA (2005)

As usual, Younha’s voice is very beautiful, fluid, and wonderfully convey’s the meaning of the song. Motto Futari de was a great single, a great song, and failed to do well on the Oricon. I don’t think Younha’s got near enough success for the amount of good work she’s put out. The soft guitar and wafting drums provide a wonderful background and there’s even a soft rock guitar solo at the bridge….

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