Shuffle: November 9, 2007

So, I’m back to my roots with a overdue shuffle…

Ai-Ai-!!! (Love-Love-!!!)
Single: Natsu Hanabi (夏花火) (Summer Fireworks) (2007)
Album: Love Spell (2007)

This song is disco at sifow’s best. It has funky horns, violins, and so much synthesizer. The verses are infectious and the chorus is so much fun, it just makes you want to get up and dance to the penetrating beat. It has some really cool backup vocals in tight harmony. And, by the way, there’s exclamation marks after Ai-Ai- for a reason… she says it a lot!!!

Without You
Dixie Chicks
Single: Without You (2000)
Albums: Fly (1999)

This song is auditory heaven for me. The beautiful, unobtrusive harmonies and soft guitar really bring out the delicateness of the number. The dramatic violin bridge also breathes amazing ballad… A pitch-perfect song…

Odorodukiyo ~Inori (朧月夜~祈り) (A Misty, Moonlit Night ~Prayer)
Nakashima Mika (中島美嘉)
Album: Music (2005)

This song is an elegant classical-pop composition with traditional European violins and striking traditional Japanese elements such as the koto. Nakashima’s vocals float above the arrangement, sometimes struggling to keep up with the accompaniment as it swells, but overall, has a very Charlotte Church-esque feel. It’s stunning…

Album: Love Spell (2007)

The most rockish number I’ve heard from sifow but it still has the anime style to it. It has such a strong techno feel that for the most part we loose the pop-rock for the most part. Peppy, upbeat synth and extremely catchy melody but its downfall is its similarity to all of her other music.

Silent Screamerz
Album: Outgrow (2006)

A very awesome dance number with techno beats and synthesizer galour. I can say, JPop uses so much synth, but it uses it so well! The chorus is very melodic and uses a scale of somesort as a pre-chorus. The song also uses a lot of sforzando, which means to become very loud suddenly, to a great and well placed extent throughout the entire peice giving it a very powerful energy.

HANABI -episodo II- (Fireworks -Episode II-)
Hamasaki Ayumi (浜崎 あゆみ)
Album: Memorial Address (2003)
It starts off outside, with nighttime sounds like crickets and frogs and then tumbles into a rockish backtrack. Ayumi’s heavy vibrato kicks in with a soft delivery. The backing is very minimalistic at the beginning but becomes more complex in the chorus with lacks a bit of energy if you ask me…. oh… and let us not forget our la la la’sDreaming I was dreaming -Subconcious Mix-
Amuro Namie (安室奈美恵)

A very classical arrangement with floating violins and a piano pounding chords from afar and Namie’s beautifully characeristic vocals hovering above everything. This is a very soothing remix to a wonderful Pop&B song…
Otsuka Ai (大塚 愛)
Single: SMILY / Biidama  (SMILY / ビー玉)  (SMILY / Marble)
Album: LOVE COOK (2005)
Ai Otsuka is pretty but her voice is so stupid. It is annoying, childish, very much on the sharp side and I hate it… other than that is pop is very… uh… poppy… (Okay, fine, I hate Otsuka… you can go ahead and send me the hate mail now…)Happiness
Album: Listen to My Heart (2002)
This song has a Spanish-Pop sound to it. Violins and a understated guitar in the background. While plinky synth takes the foreground. The chorus and melody are all very pretty and fit great with BoA’s voice. She even raps, lol…

~ by vinyabarion on November 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “Shuffle: November 9, 2007”

  1. IMO, I don’t think you should write off Ai Otsuka so fast, in the beginning I really hated her fast songs. Have you heard her ballads yet? I think you should try some of her softer ballads like Planetarium,Kingyo Hanabi, Renai Shashin (which on first couple of listens were kind of boring but got better), Heart is pretty as well.

  2. I liked Kingyo Hanabi, and that’s the only one. I really hate everything else. She sounds like she’s on helium. Mind, I really like YUI, but, for some reason, I like her waaaaay more…

  3. Oh well, to each their own, I guess.

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