BEST ~second session~ / ~12 Singles~ Collection

Koda Kumi (倖田 來未)
BEST ~second session~
March 8, 2006
Total Tracks: 15
Length: 66:30
Oricon Peak: #1  (2 weeks)
Total Sales So Far: 1,788,960 (52 weeks)
                           2,009,000 (Avex)
Label: Rhythm Zone
Produced by: Max Matsuura (松浦 真在人)



Introduction to the second session (Get It On)
Length: 1:16
Digital Release Only
Theme: Arabia

Cool opening, bells, sitar, and other Arabic instruments make such  interesting song. Koda’s voice is very gritty and sexy in this song.


Length: 8:25
Total Tracks: 2
December 21, 2005
Oricon Peak: #5
Units Sold: 47,608 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #188
3rd single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: Britain
Music: SOULHEAD, Octopussy
Arrangement: Octopussy

This song practically drips with American R&B flavor. The harmonies are tight and beautiful and the funky beat (cowbells included) and funk guitar is a definite plus. I personally think that SOULHEAD outsang Koda Kumi by a mile, the song still rocks. Their rapping was cool also.


Length: 17:52
Total Tracks: 4
December 7, 2005
Oricon Peak: #1 (First of her career)
Units Sold: 190,060 (52 weeks) (Unlimited Release)
Year-End Chart: #50
1st single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: Alaska
Lyrics: Kuzuya Yoko, Koda Kumi
Music: Kuzuya Yoko
Arrangement: Watanbe Tohru

This song is a beautiful ballad sang with a great sense of loss. It has piano, sweeping violins, a Spanish guitar and lots of synth and distortion.


ft. Mr. Blistah
Length: 8:27
Total Tracks: 2
January 18, 2006
Oricon Peak: #3
Units Sold: 47,857 (Limited 50,000)
Year-Chart: #190
7th single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: Africa
Lyrics: Koda Kumi, Mr. Blistah
Music & Arrangement: Imai Daisuke

Another great Arabian-flavored track from this album, Candy starts with a ruff “uraxxx” and Koda immediatly comes in with a sexy delivery. Mr. Blistah’s rhymes had their moments of cool, but overall they seemed a little annoying, especially in the music video. The chorus is really hot. The words are delivered in such a way that they actual sound like Arabic.


Shake It Up
Length: 9:60
Total Tracks: 2
December 28, 2005
Oricon Peak: #6
Units Sold: 45,983 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #196
4th single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: Brazil
Lyrics: Koda Kumi, Hiroshi Kim
Music & Arrangement: Hiroshi Kim

This song has a decidedly Brazilian flavor. Pounding drums and synth, chimes, and strings. The guitar used for transition is cool. Koda sings the song as she sings most of her songs, with sex appeal and grit.


Length: 8:39
Total Tracks: 2
January 11, 2006
Oricon Peak: #1
Units Sold: 47,443 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #187
6th single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: Spain
Lyrics Koda Kumi, Hitoshi Shimono
Music & Arrangement: Hitoshi Shimono

The song opens with distortion and then transcends into a soft guitar melody and bassline that is very calming. Apparently, she is telling a story to her lover about how they met, got married, and how they will be together forever. The chorus is completely in English. This song is very calming, it’s a good Sunday afternoon lounge track.


Length: 8:56
Total Tracks: 2
February 11, 2006
Oricon Peak: #3
Units Sold: 46,619 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #200
7th single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: Italy
Lyrics: Koda Kumi, Morimoto Kosuke
Music & Arrangement: Morimoto Kosuke

This is the typical up-tempo pop tune that I have come to associate with Koda Kumi. It is a fun, pretty song with lots of synth and a very catchy chorus. It is my favorite song from this album and the ~12 Single~ Collection.


Love goes like…
Album-exclusive track

Heavy descending synth jumps this song off the album with a dance-forward arrangement and awesome chorus and verses. It is one of my favorite dance tunes. The surround-sound-like drum roll is what makes it stand out.



No Regret
Length: 19:06
Total Tracks: 4
January 25, 2006
Oricon Peak: #4
Units Sold: 131,348 (Unlimited Release)
Year-End Chart: #74
8th single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: India
Lyrics: Watanabe Tohru
Music & Arrangement: h-wonder

A pop number at it’s best, this is a very excellent song. The synth and strings add a sense of drama while the anticipation of the prechorus and verses keep the energy up until the chorus explodes. I really enjoyed Koda Kumi’s execution of this song.


Birthday Eve
Length: 9:05
Total Tracks: 2
December 14, 2005
Oricon Peak: #6
Units Sold: 47,661 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #191
2nd single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: California
Lyrics: Koda Kumi
Music & Arrangement: Morimoto Kosuke

This song is one of my favorites. It is the most fun of her single tracks. I enjoy the blaring horns and peppy beat. Her vocals are adorable and the music video is crazy. Two thumbs up!


Length: 10:45
Total Tracks: 2
January 4, 2006
Oricon Peak: #7
Units Sold: 45,845 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #197
5th single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: China
Lyrics: Koda Kumi
Music & Arrangement: YANAGIMAN

This is an up-tempo pop ballad. It has a very rhythm and blues feel to it. Lots of distortion and synth and a repeating guitar melody in the background comprise the backing to Koda Kumi’s vocals, which are very nice.


Ima Sugu Hoshii (今すぐ欲しい)
Length: 9:06
Total Tracks: 2
February 1, 2006
Oricon Peak: #5
Units Sold: 47,411 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #193
9th single in ~12 Singles~ Collection
Theme: France
Lyrics: Machida Aiko, ZEEBRA, Jewels
Music & Arrangement: Machida Aiko, DJ HASEBE

Sex romp, anyone? I have never heard such blatantly, overly, conspicously sexual lyrics since WANT ME, WANT ME… The background is typical R&B romance-you-tonight backing. Strong beat, some sort of chingling thing… It’s a hot song, though… Oh, by the way, this song was banned in South Korea, lol…


ft. Tatsuya Ishii (石井竜也)
Length: 21:33
Total Tracks: 4
February 8, 2006
Oricon Peak: #3
Units Sold: 46,971 (Limited 50,000)
Year-End Chart: #198
10th single in ~12 Single~ Collection
Theme: Hawaii
Lyrics: Tatsuya Ishii
Music & Arrangement: Tatsuya Ishii

So, who’s going to be really upset if I say I hate this song, because I really do. It is very boring, expected, and Tatsuya Ishii’s vocals are terrible. Koda does alright, but still. I just don’t like it. Thumbs down.


Someday / Boys♡Girls
Length: 16:45
Total Tracks: 4
February 22, 2006
Oricon Peak: #3
Units Sold: 89,413 (Unlimited Release)
Year-End Chart: #110
12th single in ~12 Single~ Collection

Lyrics: Koda Kumi
Music & Arrangement: Egami Kotaru
Lyrics: Michikawa Himari
Music & Arrangement: Shimono Hitoshi

Someday is a song in the vein of WIND. So, see it’s review for this one’s. The vocals are nice as usual and it is a bit slower.

The other A-side, Boys♡Girls, is a different song, more electronica/dance oriented. I like it, even though I’ve heard a lot of bad things about it.


A Whole New World
ft. Peabo Bryson

I almost didn’t review this song because it is so utterly horrible. There are barely words enough to express how much I hate this song and how bad both Koda and Peabo Bryson sound. You can’t understand Koda and she’s flat. Peabo sounds like he is trying to hard and it’s just bad. Very bad.


Besides, A Whole New World, this is one of Koda Kumi’s best albums. But the thing is, I think it’s funny that this is a BEST OF album. There weren’t any albums between it and the last BEST OF, I don’t know. I also think it’s funny that Koda Kumi’s real career started with a BEST OF album, usually a signal for the end. She’s one interesting celebrity. The album was excellent in it’s own way and her next album is even better. I’m excited about her new music. And it’s not that she’s that great of a singer, but she is such a performer and you can’t help but want to watch her and that’s what makes a star.

P.S. I worked super hard on this, what do you think of the layout of this review? It just kind of came to me. I kind of killed 14 birds with one stone, lol…

~ by vinyabarion on October 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “BEST ~second session~ / ~12 Singles~ Collection”

  1. I find all the bulleted information unnecessary. People can just use Wiki to find it or something. Anyway, this one is tough to review as each song was a single…it’s a lot of work.

    Enjoyable read though! :D

  2. Very enjoyable, I find this very informative!
    Great work :D

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