September 29, 2007
Total Tracks: 7
Oricon Peak: #3
Total Sales So Far: 28,369 (1 week)


This is BoA’s first single after the slightly disappointing Sweet Impact.


Lyrics: BoA, Natsumi Watanabe
Music: Yoko Kuzuya
Arrangement: YANAGIMAN

I first heard the opening moments of this song and my musical sense shot out the roof. The chorus is so utterly breathtaking. She hits the high notes with such grace and ease. I was blown away. Unfortunately, the verses didn’t keep that energy going. They were boring. But, I wouldn’t want to follow an opening like that… Meanwhile, the background is a forest of synth, piano, chimes, and distortion. It’s a wonderful song, but the verses drag it down completely.

Diamond Heart
Lyrics: Emi Nishida
Music & Arrangement: ArmySlick

This song starts off with a disco beat and male talking… and quickly rolls into BoA’s vocals. It sounds like a Sims song, you know, from there radio. It’s a cool song, but it sounds like such a predictable BoA B-side. About the only thing interesting about it is that in the chorus there are some cool intervals and some cool drum parts (it, only very fleetingly, has a Spanish flair to it… and maybe just a hint of Bossa Nova)

Beautiful Flowers
Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
Music & Arrangement: h-wonder

This song starts out like “Sakura Drops” by Utada Hikaru, with a drumroll, but it isn’t anything like it. It’s a fast-paced dance track with ample synth and beat. The chorus is very happy and enthusiastic. BoA seems to have had fun recording this song. I like the part at 2:40 where the beat is very staccato, it’s really cool. Great song!

LOVE LETTER (Winter Acoustic Version)
Special: First Press Bonus Track

This song uses more usual ballad instruments (strings and piano) and really showcases BoA’s vocals and let it be a ballad instead of an upbeat pop song. It’s very beautiful and powerful. That amazing chorus really shines. The verses seem less boring in this, also.


I am impressed by this single as a whole. It is very well produced and mixed and it has that pop gloss you expect from Boa Kwon without being too overbearing.  

~ by vinyabarion on October 4, 2007.

One Response to “LOVE LETTER”

  1. Great review!

    I thought the 3 tracks were very enjoyable! BoA has definitely put more effort in this single than her previous one(s)!! :D

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