How to use SEXY

Goto Maki (後藤真希)
How to use SEXY
September 19, 2007
Total Tracks: 10
Oricon Peak: #18
Total Sales So Far: 11,727 (NoUS)

How to use Loneliness

This is a very good song. It is a hot dance number with lots of synth and heavy bass. It bares similarities in its arrangement with SOME BOYS! TOUCH, but it is different enough that it isn’t too noticeable. Its sitar riff is slightly reminiscent of WANT ME, WANT ME, also. The only thing I have to say in the negative about this track is that it stole its minor progression from BoA’s OUTGROW ~Ready Butterfly~.


More similarities abound in this song. At time, Maki’s voice takes on properties of Ayumi Hamasaki’s, especially in her upper register. The song also sounds like Shimatani Hitomi’s PASIO, especially with its Spanish flair and that weird flutelike instrument in the background. It has much more pop and bounce than Shimatani’s, though. It’s not a very strong track for this album.


Wow, this is the song! This was my first song of Maki’s and I basically fell in love with it. It’s so dark and sexy. My friend told me that it had very interesting key changes. I believe that there are over five in this song, switching from minor to major rapidly using only two notes of synth right before the chorus. This is called a Picardy Third. It’s very interesting to me because it’s so dark and then in a single measure it switches to bright, sugar pop. I really like it and Maki sings it so cutely.


The beat to this song is very interesting. It’s like a stomp on gravel and then synth pops and keyboarding. Besides the beat though, I think this song’s melody is rather boring. Maki’s voice is nice, though. The last thirty seconds of the song are really cool. It’s muffled chimes, cool keyboarding, and windy sound (go figure…) make this song ‘alright’. 

Nee Samishikute

This is a very normal up-tempo pop ballad. It has violin, piano, and synth as its main instruments. There’s really not much to talk about here. Maybe the lyrics are really sweet… there are no translations available online right now.

Glass no Pumps

Firstly, what a strange song title…
I am almost certain that this song is complete synth. I don’t hear any other instruments. The melody is catchy and the chorus is fun and makes you want to dance. It is at a weird tempo because it’s in cut time. And it makes you dance on the 8th notes instead of on the quarter. (It’s music jargon; don’t worry about it if you don’t know. In layman’s terms, the song makes you either dance really fast or its makes you dance kinda slow.)


This song has an older feel to it, like sixties music. This song uses a wooden block of some kind and snaps as its background. Piano and a brass section are also there. It’s cool. Maki’s vocals are airy and old-fashioned American. it’s a very unique song for this album. it also has telephone rings in it randomly… and a harp… and some keyboarding. On the bad side, it gets a little repetitive, and not in the good way.

WOW Suteki!

A new instrument, a guitar (!!!)  and synth, of course. The melody is a bit more complex and interesting in this song. Lots of keyboarding in this one. Also, there are extremes: highs and lows, clicking and booming. Maki’s vocals are good as usual. Again, this song is a bit redolent of SOME BOYS! TOUCH in that it uses the two notes before the chorus, but it doesn’t change keys, but just to transition.


This song is a ballad. Piano, strings, chimes, plunky synth, and above all else, Maki’s beautiful airy voice are the main ingredients. The bridge is pretty and a welcome respite from the mundane-ness of the song in general; but her out of key run at the end was not. Overall, this is a pretty song, but it’s so normal. About the only good thing is the piano is a little on the jazzy side.


Beautiful, heavy pseudo-strings brings us into this balladtastic song. And, I was not expecting those horns. They really surprised me. I kind of like them though. It reminds me of a song our choir did called ‘In Remembrance’. Make seems to really feel this song and it is well-executed on her part. The melody is very pleasant. Her jumps are almost flawless. The actual string come in at the instrumental break and are very beautiful and really add more depth. The song is a bit anticlimactic and that is one of my biggest pet peeves for ballads. The a capella at the end was a really nice touch.


     Overall, this was a good album. Not amazing, but good. It had some amazing songs (How to use Loneliness, SOME BOYS! TOUCH, and LIFE) and some pretty terrible ones (WOW Suteki! and Nee Samishikute). Maki’s vocals were excellent and production was wonderful. It think they might have a lawsuit over the similarites between BoA’s song and How to use Loneliness.


~ by vinyabarion on September 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “How to use SEXY”

  1. Great review…I didn’t enjoy the album so much. It’s Maki Goto…I’ve never liked any of her stuff, heh.

    You sure love the word synth. ;D

  2. My only problem with this album is Maki Goto herself…. Don’t get me wrong, I think she has a good enough voice and all, but her technique and overall sound just aren’t quite cut out for the overall style of the album.

    Having said that, I still enjoyed a decent amount of the songs.

    (and yes, OUTGROW ~ready butterfly~ is a very rad song XD)

  3. I’ll admit, this album was a surprise for me.

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