I’m Here

Yuna Ito
I’m Here
March 14, 2007
Total Tracks: 4
Oricon Peak: #15
Total Sales So Far: 36,634 (NoUS)

I’m Here

I love this song. It has a very unique and engaging arrangement. It’s so intense: the dangerous speed of the violins, the pounding bass, and the power and precision of Yuna Ito’s vocals. The amount of arpeggios on the track and her soprano voice verily hit the nail on the head in this amazing peice of pop. Towards the end of the song, the violins really go all out with breakneck diatonic scales. About the only thing bad about this song is that Yuna can’t seem to perform it very well because of the amount of vocal power required.

Reason Why

The song has the air of America in it; a twirling, synth-driven backtrack and a catchy chorus. In the chorus there is a very wonderful dissonance between the bass line and the vocals. It seems to pull it into a minor chord. It has the normal chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-chorus-chorus construction, but it is an outstanding dance track. The only draw back is that the lyrics feel forced at times, especially during the verses.

     Overall, I really enjoyed this single. I like the intensity of I’m Here and the American hip-hop influences of Reason Why. I thought this was a wonderful follow-up release after HEART. It was worthy of being a Top 10 hit.


~ by vinyabarion on September 23, 2007.

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