September 5, 2007
Total Tracks: 5
Oricon Peak: #5
Total Sales So Far: 42,197 (NoUS)


This song opens with a cutting guitar riff and continues right into a great clapping beat. The chorus is fun and fast paced with some nice notes. The song is a little reminiscent of WINDING ROAD, where she did the trio with Kobukoru. I would say that the only thing I didn’t like about this song is it’s redundancy. ayaka’s vocals are fresh, raw, and gritty. This New Orleans-esque rock number is a new style for her.


Besides ayaka’s amazing vocals, this song sound like Jewelry Day with an electric guitar. I do enjoy the bass and added synth in the transitions between the choruses and the verses.

Overall, this single was nice, but it’s similarities to previously released material are a bit to much for me. I enjoy ayaka’s music very much, but if she can’t be more creative than this in this genre, then she is going to have a tough time, but, hey, look at Koda Kumi and her ballads, she still selling tons.

~ by vinyabarion on September 23, 2007.

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