Baby Don’t Cry


Namie Amuro
Baby Don’t Cry
January 24, 2007
Total Tracks: 4
Written by: Nao’myt
Oricon Peak: #3
Total Sales So Far: 144,081 (NoUS)
Gold Certification RIAJ: Shipments of 100,000+
Gold Certification RIAJ: Digital Downloads 100,000+
Million Certification RIAJ: Ringtone Downloads 1,000,000+

Baby Don’t Cry

     Seventy-seven times. That’s how many times I’ve listened to Baby Don’t Cry. Only second to a mood song I put on when I do my homework (Mika Kamita’s Invitation ~harubeni~), it is my most played track of all time. Useless to say, I adore this song. From its bubbly beat and snapping, not to mention Namie Amuro’s absolutely amorous vocals, Baby Don’t Cry is a pitch-perfect up-tempo ballad.


     Nobody is White Light without those pesky discordant Christmas sounds. Bounce is the only way to describe this beat, it’s like Nao’myt spent a lot of time on a trampoline. The lyrics are beautiful and it is another beautiful vocal performance from Amura, though, the vocals in White Light had a bit more emotion in them.

     Even though this single didn’t reach #1, it had all the ingredients of a #1. I think bad timing on Avex’s part was the reason for its low debut, but it was still an amazing single and really helped PLAY reach #1.

~ by vinyabarion on September 4, 2007.

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