Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry


Utada Hikaru
Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry
August 29, 2007
Total Tracks: 6
Oricon Peak: #3
Total Sales So Far: 93,518 (NoUS)

New Hikki Music… I’m so very ecstatic!

Beautiful World
     With a driving beat, reminiscent of Passion, Beautiful World drifts with a purpose through the bounding strings and pounding piano chords of this mellow techno beat. Accompanied by an umcompromising melody and hooking hook, followed by an almost danceable chorus, this song may be one of my all time favorites of hers. Overall, this song seems like the beautiful lovechild of traveling and Passion.

Kiss & Cry
     Blaring trumpets signal the beginning of this track, followed by silence, and then the bumping, funky grove of the backtrack kicks in, and this type of beat is a great departure from Hikki’s usual. The chorus is catchy and cute, while the verses keep you hooked throughout. The song has a live feeling to it, a real grittiness, it has character, almost American. Utada’s voice is beautiful, but also has a depth of feeling and emotion that one might assume this sort of song, written by any other artist, would lose; but Utada is one of the few Japanese artists who can write and perform music with soul (especially that run at the end). Thank God she picked that up from us before she exploded in Japan.

Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) -2007 Mix-
     An old song which Hikki gives her signature charm and awkward musical grace to has everything. With an updated string section and some electronic bleeps thrown in for good measure, Hikki’s voice just really pulls this song through. She can fly me to the moon anytime she wants… just sayin’…

     Overall, this single is an extremely pleasant surprise from Hikki. I was afraid that she would slip back into the First Love/Distance phase, and away from the Deep River/ULTRA BLUE phase which I love so dearly, but I was happy to discover that Utada has indeed found this happy medium and has written two extraordinary songs. Mad props, Hikaru!

~ by vinyabarion on August 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry”

  1. Omg thank you so much the music is amazing! I will defiantly have to get the whole CD sometime.

  2. The opening to Kiss & Cry is only SLIGHTLY random XD

    Overall, I’m far-more impressed with this single than her last one.

  3. lol… :D

  4. i like 2 song verymuch.When i sad,i alway listen it.It make me happy again.So,thanks Utada Hikaru.

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