Total Tracks: 17
Collaborations: Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro, melody., Valerie, Hinouchi Emi, Ryohei, Koda Kumi, MONKEY MAJIK, DOPING PANDA, Alex (CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT), Bonnie Pink, STAR TREK, Thaitanium, Edison Chin, MINMI, and Chara
Oricon Peak: #3
Total Sales So Far: 170, 235 (As of July 7, 2007)

Let me preface this with: This album blew me away. I had no idea it would be so good.

Issue No. 5
I laughed as I listened to this track. It has a stereotypical American announcerwoman speaking about Cosmicolor ‘glasses’ and all the chemicals that make us happy (serotonin and dopamine, namely). It seemed like a good introduction, little did I know how good…

Love Don’t Cry (m-flo loves Crystal Kay)
This song is fun. Pure and simple, fun. Crystal Kay’s slidding vocals and easy grace pervade this bumpin’ track. m-flo’s rapping is good, and the song is just plain exciting.

LUVOTOMY (m-flo loves Namie Amuro)
This is one of the best songs I have ever heard. And I’m not saying that just because I love Namie Amuro, I mean the chorus is the most amazing peices of compostion of my life. Her vocals shine against the twangy backdrop and m-flo’s rapping fits in perfectly with the male’s perspective of the girl’s situation. I can’t begin to explain how amazing this song is and continues to be the more I listen to it.

STUCK IN YOUR LOVE (m-flo loves melody.)
A beautiful song which reminds me quite a lot of Cassie’s “Me & U”.  melody.’s voice is very American (which makes sense because she’s American). The beat claps.

Current Affairs
Japanese announcer woman… no idea… violin downward spiral with drums…

Summer Time Love (m-flo loves Hinouchi Emi & Ryohei)
The song about not having money and not wanting a lot of material things, basic R&B/Rap fare, but the beat is cool with violins and a knocking and drum rhythm… Cool trio and catchy song…

Simply & Lovely (m-flo loves Koda Kumi)
I hate that chipmunk sound… **shudders**
I like the song otherwise, though. And I enjoy Koda’s soft vocals in the chorus… The piano bounces throughout the entire song…

Picture Perfect Love (m-flo loves MONKEY MAJIK)
Spastic beats and quickly strummed acoustic guitar give this song a leg up. I like the lead vocals… great chorus. It slows down nicely at the end and then picks up until the end…

Music Monopoly
A faux radio broadcast… chipmunk sounds again… Japanese… it’s like a countdown…

she loves the CREAM (m-flo loves DOPING PANDA)
Title? I have no idea, either, it’s not just you… Different song for this album. Techno, electric guitar… it’s cool, though.  And… apparently she needs the CREAM… but I mean, honestly… I won’t even go there… Octave jumping in the verses… I think I hear a sitar back there (somewhere) at 2:20… it switches to a funky 70’s number… 4:10… back to that techno beat…

Love Me After 12AM (m-flo loves Alex [CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT])
I think this song is really awesome. The beginning is synth-jumping at it’s best. The lyrics are fun and I just think synth-voice is cool… the bridge is gorgeous… harmony!

Love Song (m-flo loves Bonnie Pink) 
Twangy… violins… Indian, sorta… Bonnie’s voice is a little annoying and I hate that chipmunk sound…

Live Long and Prosper (m-flo loves STAR TREK)
????… Techno… pure techno… boring…

LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME (m-flo loves Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, and Ryohei)
Very American sounding rapping, with a  bubbly beat… *snore*

Lotta Love (m-flo loves MINMI)
Techno (Like from the late 90’s)… bumpy beat… synth melody… Ring the Alarm… bandwagons go around the world don’t they? I twitched at MINMI’s voice…

People of Cosmicolor
American announcerwoman… deep words with a cymbal…

Love to Live By (m-flo loves Chara)
I heard this song and I thought, “How pretty.” And then she sang… ugh… I couldn’t get through it… disgusting… worst ending vocals EVER!

This is the last in the ‘m-flo loves’ series… overall, this album exceeded my expectations, diamond and gold lay in there with all the crystal and copper… I sure liked most of it though…


~ by vinyabarion on July 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “m-flo: COSMICOLOR”

  1. I know this is old, but I really have to disagree with you about Love to Live. I really like the contrast between m-flo’s bass/tenor’s voice to Chara’s sweet and whisper-y tone. I also liked the old fashioned flair that they had in the song. Though I kinda have to agree with you about m-flo loves STAR TREK.

  2. Replace the word cream with ‘money’ and you’ve got yourself a legible, slangless title. The entire song is about a girl who uses guys for their money.

    Also, Chara rocks on that track.

  3. Bonnie Pink? annoying? The worst taste ever…. BONNIE PINK ROCKS TWERP!!!…. and i don’t know who this abomination Chara is… but i’m with the two others…

  4. you do know who this is now right? lol Namie sucks….

  5. I love ‘Luvotomy’ too! The chorus is pretty addictive.
    As for ‘Stuck On Your Love,’ it doesn’t remind me of ‘Me & U’ very much..more like Cassie’s other single, ‘Long Way 2 Go.’ It even slightly reminds me of ‘Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone’ by Ciara.

  6. ok….
    just got the CD. AND I LOVE IT! also, i love ur reviews and everything. And i absolutely repsect what you have to say and agree with 99% of what you had to say. but person….


    That song HAS to be my favorite track off of the whole CD. I dont even know who Chara is, but i want to learn more. She absolutely reminds me of Macy Gray (or Grey?)

    yeah, just had to let that be known. lol

  7. Current Affairs isn’t in japanese, it’s korean! :)

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