Player Shuffle: June 21, 2007



Nobody (TV MIX)

– Namie Amuro

Finally! A Namie Amuro song, Namie Amuro is my favorite JPop singer. She’s my idol and I’m really obsessed. Nobody is the B-side to the hugely popular Baby Don’t Cry single, which peaked at #3 and just passed the 1,000,000 cellular download mark.). This is the TV MIX which is the song they used for performances such as HEYx3 and MusicFighter. It’s a beautiful song and much better than the overly dissonant White Light (Nobody was supposed to be the B-side for White Light / Violet Sauce but was pushed/shelved until this single). This song’s Christmassy bounce and high top add a beautiful background to Namie’s voice and is one of Amuro-san’s better new songs.

Analysis: Pop (Bouncy)

              Baby Don’t Cry (January 24, 2007) Track 4

              Composer: Nao’ymt

              Oricon Weekly Singles Chart: #3




– Shimatani Hitomi

Shimatani Hitomi is one of the best artists in Japan with the least amount of press, acknowledgement, and, apparently, the worst promotion team. This single was unique and fun, an infusion of Spanish folk music and pop and definitely stands out in my music library as one of the most original songs. With a flittering flute and plenty of ‘lailailai’s to appease the soul, PASIO is fun without becoming a piece to mock.

Analysis: Spanish Folk/Pop (Flute)

              PASIO (November 15, 2006) Track 1

              Oricon Weekly Singles Chart: #12


Shake It

 – Koda Kumi

Koda Kumi… she’s an interesting character. This song is a throw back to Arabia and in the middle, without warning, switches to hard-hitting R&B. “Don’t you know, don’t you know what I need, make you feel good like nobody else…” Dear Lord… but the song has an excellent beat and her voice is sultry and basically perfect for the song, I can’t diss her, she does what she does extremely well, even if you don’t like it. I do, by the way.

Analysis: Arabian/Pop/R&B (Random R&B Segment)

              secret (February 2, 2005) Track 7

              Oricon Weekly Albums Chart: #3 (#22 Year End Charts)


miss you (nagareboshi remix)

m-flo loves melody. & Yamamoto Ryohei

I think it’s cute how melody. says ‘onegai’ after asking the DJ to play the music louder. I can always do without Japanese rap, not that it’s that bad, I’m just not a big fan of rap, anyway. It’s a good song. Not amazing, but good.

Analysis: Pop/R&B (Catchy Synth Backup)

              miss you (October 22, 2003)

  (This remix was only released as a bonus track on melody.’s album Be    as   one) Track 12

              Oricon Weekly Albums Chart: #8

              Oricon Weekly Albums Chart: #5



– Koda Kumi             

Two Koda Kumi songs, weird. Puppy is a fun, bumpin’ track, full of synth and heavy bass. Her voice dances through the track with ease and while not a throw away track it should have been better since Black Cherry was so full of previously released tracks.

Analysis: Pop (Synth to the point of madness)

                Black Cherry (December 20, 2006)

                Oricon Weekly Albums Chart: #1 (4 weeks) (Holy Crap)


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