Player Shuffle: June 18, 2007


Player Shuffle: June 18, 2007 

Liar (Ayumi Hamasaki) – I enjoyed the intro until Ayumi came in with her unmistakable, mucho-mucho vibrato, and throat singing. Lovely. It’s a great song if someone else had sang it, I don’t who, but someone else. Maybe I should have said I don’t like Ayumi very much.

Analysis: Pop/Rock (Synth)

                My Story (2004) Track 6


One Night Romance (Koda Kumi) – Koda Kumi’s voice is very unique and well suited for sexual references (JUICY) and pulling off pain and loss (1000 no Kotoba); not so much a pop/rock ballad. With a punching electric guitar and chimes, this song has an interesting instrumental, but lacks a bit of feeling in the final product.

Analysis: Key Change at 3:31

                R&B/Rock (Chimes)

                Grow Into One (2003) Track 6


Just my way (YUI) – With a rocking acoustic guitar part that doesn’t stop and a swift beat (a good song with YUI’s signature high-pitched voice), this track from her debut album, FROM ME TO YOU (2006), is really good. I was singing along within thirty seconds.

Analysis: Pop/Rock (Pure)

                FROM ME TO YOU (2006) Track 9


STYLE ~get glory in his hand~ (HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR)  – This song incorporates the lead singers amazing voice with a heavy electric guitar and lots of cymbals and snare into a rollicking number that makes you want rock your head side to side. Even the screamo is in its right place, though I could definitely do without it.

Analysis: Rock (Screaming)

                STYLE ~get glory in his hand~ (Single) (2005) Track 1


Virgin F (AAA) – Ugh…. The beat is cool, but when the voices come in, it’s pretty terrible. The lame sound effects (“Kiss (MWA!)”) and screaming don’t help it much at all. This reminds me why I can only deal with AAA for a few songs.     

Analysis – EuroBeat/Pop (Bad Horn Solo)

                  Attack (2005) Track 10


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